Iain Bailey's Signature Trick

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Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 21.25.07.png

Iain Bailey's Signature Trick


Alternative presentation for Brad Manuel’s “Credit Card Fraud”

Cause a spectator’s signature on their own bank card to change into their chosen card!

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1. Cause a spectator's signature to change into their selected card!
2. Peel the ink off their signature strip!
Bonus idea: Spectator guesses the last three digits of your security number on your debit card!

My Signature Trick is Iain Bailey's adaptation of Brad Manuel's most excellent trick/gag Credit Card Fraud.

To perform this, you will first have to puchase Credit Card Fraud from PropDog:

You will get two gimmicks and Iain will show you how to apply them to your credit card fraud in the video dowload.