Colour changing knives


Colour changing knives


The most relevant and practical colour changing knife set.

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Finally a colour changing knife set that feels natural and organic!

The Effect:

Phase 1: The magician shows a single blue knife on both sides. With just a squeeze the knife turns red! Squeeze again and it’s back to blue. You explain that you switched it without them knowing.

Phase 2: You show the red knife in one hand and the blue in the other. By crossing you hands they switch places constantly.

Phase 3: Both knives are placed in the spectators hand. You pull out the blue and with just a shake the knife switched places with the one in their own hands!


3 x Genuine Victorinox knives

An instructional video link

This is a fun, powerful routine which is always in Iain’s pocket not only because it’s a great trick but also because it’s such a handy accessory!

(Re-release with permission from Brent Geris & Duppy Demetrius.)