Hello everyone!


Here is the first of hopefully many blog posts over the next few months. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Iain Bailey. I am a professional magician and the current winner of the "Wedding Entertainer of the Year 2017" in London and the South East region at the Wedding Industry Awards.

It's been a love and a passion of mine to perform at weddings in particular as well as other events all around the country. 

However, I have recently come to appreciate the stress couples face when trying to organise their own wedding. This is because on the 13/5/17 I married my best friend Eliza (who I met at a wedding I was performing at). 

Since the day we got engaged I have been able to sympathise with my clients who book me when they say "there is so much to do!", "we feel a bit overwhelmed" etc etc.

So I thought I would make a blog series of how my wife and I organised our wedding in just 6 months.

Now the big question..."why when there are so many wedding blogs out there are you adding to the huge mountain of material? And why should we listen to YOU?"

I'm pleased you asked. The reason why is simple. I am not an advertiser. I am not writing posts for the sake of it. Instead, I am writing from my own personal experience within the industry.

I have attended over 300 weddings in my magic career to date and so I like to think I have a pretty good idea of what works. 

Not only that but I have a slight OCD mentality to running events and so you will not only see how organised our wedding was, but I will also give you my resources to help run your wedding almost to the minute (ours ran over by 45 seconds which I'm still losing sleep over).

Not only that but I have contacts, really good ones, from cakes to decorations to well... magicians ;)

Over the next few months, week by week I will be tackling a subject in order to give you tips on how to organise a wedding which both looks and feels professional. While I can't say that my wedding wasn't stressful at all, these tips, tricks and ideas should take some of the stress off of you both at this crucial time. 


Also, remember, I'm a professional entertainer and speaker and so very soon I will be sitting down with my best man dissecting our speeches and giving you tips of how to prepare and deliver on the big day.

So enjoy this series of blog posts and I will see you here every Monday at 8am for the most OCD wedding blog you will ever experience.


Much love,


Iain Bailey